FAQ DragonBorns


DragonBorns are a deflationary collection of barbaric, nomadic and warriors by heart. Invading the Ehecatl Land to take control of the Ehecatl Universe and Slay the Ehecatl Dragons.

Where to buy DragonBorns?

You will be able to purchase DragonBorns on the following marketplaces once we mint. Magic Eden: Solanart:

How do i know which DragonBorn to purchase?

After mint, you can use either our Rarity bot in our discord or go to https://metararity.com/collection/dragonborns to find rarities. However, every single DragonBorn will earn the same amount when staked.

I now own a DragonBorn, what now?

  1. 1.
    Join our community at https://discord.gg/FpHfMH6mEn
  2. 2.
    Verify as a holder to gain access to our DAO where you can vote on decisions being made

Where can my DragonBorns be staked?

After our mint, we expect to have our staking page up within 72 hours for our community to start staking to earn our token (DBGEM). DragonBorns mint the same amount 1 per day but a Mutated DragonBorn will earn 3 Per day.
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